About ORION Marketing Group, Inc.

The original idea for ORION was to create a better, more responsive call center where clients could utilize advanced analytics and technologies to improve campaign performance


ORION takes its first inbound customer service calls in 1995 in San Antonio, Texas. The first of five call centers was constructed at 12000 Network Blvd. and was operated using ORION custom call center infrastructure.

1995 ORION is born and begins to specialize in high-tech inbound contact center support services for Intel, Xerox and technology start-ups.

  • 1996 ORION starts innovative outbound campaigns for Associates Financial Services and Ford Consumer Finance using internally developed data models to provide highly qualified leads.
  • 1998 ORION develops and operates mortgage industry contact centers (inbound, outbound, web chat) for Bank of America, Citi, Centex Home Equity and other leading lenders.
  • 2000 ORION has over 700 employees.
  • 2004 ORION takes equity stake in leading offshore contact center provider and contributes technology infrastructure for international VOIP.
  • 2006 ORION builds and operates call centers in Brownsville, Texas expands Spanish language services.
  • 2007 ORION wins American Teleservices Association's "Technovation" Award.
  • 2009 ORION sells its call centers and infrastructure to a third party and begins to focus on consulting and healthcare patient engagement strategies and technology.
  • 2010 ORION builds out web-based patient engagement ecosystem and beta tests among chronic disease patient populations in San Antonio, Texas.
  • 2011 ORION makes strategic investments in private healthcare technology companies
  • 2012 ORION begins working on patient engagement strategies with UT Health Science Center San Antonio.
  • 2013 ORION launches a patient vital sign tracking app in iTunes and Google Play (Android and iOS), this mobile technology is sold to private healthcare technology company later that year.
  • 2013 ORION begins patient engagement consulting based on experience with hard to reach chronic disease patients.
  • 2014 ORION integrates the Qualcomm 2Net Hub API into patient engagement apps.
  • 2014 ORION develops business intelligence web platform for real-time analytics.
  • 2016 ORION begins to develop voice recognition Echo Skills to help facilitate accessibility to in-home patient monitoring.

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